We Are All Creatures of Moisture
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What is the relationship between ritual and technology? Where is the locus of power? Magic? Science? We Are All Creatures of Moisture suggests that the locus is labile as the organic and the artificial interact. This piece explores the relationship between ancient ritual and technology via human endeavor through interactive multi-media performance art. The video […]

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Wine Blood Blood Love
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Wine Blood Blood Love 2005 with Maria del Carmen Montoya In the summer of 2005 the Station Museum in Houston, Texas approached Kevin and Carmen about creating a performance piece in response to Viennese Aktionist Hermann Nitsch’s Orgies Mysteries Theatre.WineBloodBloodLove approaches Nitsch’s themes of violence, bodily fluids and quasi religious ritual in an immediate context […]

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I Sky You
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I Sky You 2009 with Maria Del Carmen Montoya, winners of the 2009 Rhizome commission competition Seven clear glass dual-chamber forms containing a solution of Luminol in one chamber and a chemical reagent in the secondary chamber, hang over head. Drop by drop, the Luminol is released into the reagent chamber causing bursts of brilliant […]

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