UO Today Interview with Kevin and Carmen

Kevin Patton, experimental musician and Maria del Carmen Montoya, new media artisit, discuss their creative collaborations as well as their week-long residency at the UO to help launch the “new media” management area of concentration in the Arts and Administration master’s program. UO Today, the Oregon Humanities Center’s half-hour television interview program, provides a glimpse […]

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the ellipsis catalog
Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 9.02.23 PM

The elipsis catalog is a duet project of Kevin Patton and Butch Rovan using custom designed alternate controllers.Patton’s instrument, the “Fossil”, is a wireless sensor-based musical instrument that is played with the entire gestural range of arm movement as well as finger pressure. Four FSRs, a momentary button, and a twodimensional accelerometer are used to […]

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