The TaurEx is a sensor extension for the electric guitar that tracks motion and reads performance gestures in order to provide wireless, real-time control of computer effects and sampling. Designed and built by Kevin Patton, the interface of the TaurEx allows Patton to control an array of computer effects and processing while playing — including delay, harmonization, granulation, and sampling — with subtle gestures such as hand position and the movement of the guitar neck. There are also force sensors that operate independently and can be assigned to directly control aspects of the computer such as switching between effects scenes or setting the output levels of different processes.

The modified guitar began life as a 1987 Steinberger GM4T with the famous Trans Trem. The active pickups give a variety of sounds, from a strat out-of-phase sound to a fat gibson. None of the sensor modifications have permanently altered the vintage instrument.The TaurEx can be thought of as two independent networks of sensors. One is gathering information about the gestural qualities of how the guitar is being played while the others primarily operate as assignable controllers.

This is an example of controlling delays and a sythesizer by motion and gesture while playing the folk song You Are My Sunshine.

TaurEx Demonstration: You Are My Sunshine from eljunkielovegun on Vimeo.