The Fault of Epimetheus

The Fault of Epimetheus is an oratorio that recounts the tale of Epimetheus and his more famous brother, Prometheus. The results of Epimetheus’ bumbling and error unleash a horror on his brother while also granting humans the rudiment technologies of survival. This primordial grief is echoed in John Berryman’s Henry from the Dream Songs whose voice provides comment from the cheap seats. Epimetheus’ original error, his mistake, unseats god. Cheer up Henry.

It is a through-composed hour long one-act work for a combination of computer-based and acoustic instruments. Four of the instruments are hand built sensor-based gestural instruments: The Fossil, The MouthBox, The Pogo, and The Ambidextron; one is a hyper instrument, the TaurEx, that combines sensor and gestural control with an electric guitar; the Mizwiz, a north African double-reed double-flute, as well as a contrabass, saxophone, percussion as well as Tenor and Soprano voices.

This excerpt is from the section entitled, Children of Ash

This following excerpt is a prelude performed by three of the Digital Poplar Consort instruments, the Pogo,the Mouthbox, and the Fossil.