Cracked Across The Brow

Cracked Across the Brow is a composition for Tenor Saxophone and Interactive Computer Music written for Woody Witt in the fall of 2005. This documentation is from it’s Houston premiere at the University of St. Thomas’ Cullen Hall. This documentation also features the Houston-based artist Jonathan Jindra who accompanies Woody and Kevin with his visual response to the piece. While making it clear that this is a live recording, Jonathan removes the context of the formal recital hall and replaces it with a psychedelic meditation on motion (time/place).

Cracked Across The Brow is a work for tenor saxophone and interactive computer music that relies upon prepared and real time analysis of shattering glass. The opening melody quotes the great jazz drummer Paul Motion’s Conception Vessel. It is developed and eventually altered by constraints generated from the spectral characteristics of the shattering glass.

The electronic portion of the piece is derived from real time analy- sis of the live performance as well as the spectral data of the shattering glass. The electronics are used as a timbral extension of the saxophone, bringing out tonal nuances of the reed instru- ment. The electronics also react to the saxophone with a structur- al call and response, drawing upon the rich tradition of jazz and blues styles. The juxtaposition of these approaches is at the heart of Cracked Across The Brow.

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