Fresnel, Kevin Patton and Seth Paynter, IYN-016, 2009

Fresnel Cover

Cover image courtesy of Maria del Carmen Montoya, a still of her piece, I Could Have Danced All Night

Fresnel features the duo of Houston’s Seth Paynter on sax and ethnic reeds, and brundleFLY. brundleFLY is an interactive processor created and directed by Kevin Patton. In real time, brundleFLY analyzes Paynter’s multiphonics, trills, moans, and pitch glides and responds to them. BrundleFLY removes an overtone or two from Paynter’s gradually morphing meditations on timbre and layers the altered sounds back in, judiciously adding analog-sounding beeps and static bursts as well as metallic clanks. Both Paynter and brundleFLY oscillate pitches narrowly; sustained electronic tones and reverb derive from Paynter’s own sound. As Paynter stops, layers pause slightly and electronic comments murmur to an end.

Barbara Rose Lange

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