the ellipsis catalog

The elipsis catalog is a duet project of Kevin Patton and Butch Rovan using custom designed alternate controllers.Patton’s instrument, the “Fossil”, is a wireless sensor-based musical instrument that is played with the entire gestural range of arm movement as well as finger pressure. Four FSRs, a momentary button, and a twodimensional accelerometer are used to control the parameters of a custom software environment built in Max/MSP/Jitter. It is part of a group of four hand-carved wood instruments called the Digital Poplar Consort.

Rovan’s “Banshee” is an analog electronic musical instrument. Modeled after a wind instrument, the design uses six finger pads to control the pitch of an array of interrelated oscillators, and a mouth sensor that allows the performer to control volume. The Banshee also features a tilt-sensor that allows motion to change the voicing circuitry and resulting timbre. Battery powered, the instrument can plug into any amplifier or mixing console, much like an electric guitar.

This performance is from the 2012 New Instruments for Musical Expression conference at the University of Michigan

the ellipsis catalog from eljunkielovegun on Vimeo.

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