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As an educator, I want to hear what my students have to say. This means not simply taking the time to listen and providing office hours, but respecting students as fellow thinkers and challenging them from a position of purposeful critique. I have had the benefit of studying with many accomplished academics and musicians, and it has been my experience that the best teachers give both a practical set of tools to accomplish the immediate work of the course and a method of situating that work in a broader cultural context. My teaching experience ranges from music history to electronics and computer programming, from conducting ensembles to multimedia performance theory, but the one thing that unifies these broad subject matters is the goal of helping students develop a productive and balanced understanding of music, technology, or theory as a material, situated in culture. Furthermore, I hope for students to create a material relationship to the technical or theoretical components they are working with. I offer courses and advise students at an intersection of intellectual, technological, and musical/artistic work by engaging questions of listening and feedback, empathy and group dynamics, while challenging students to grow outside their comfort zones.

Courses Taught:

Oregon State University:
¬Improvisation and Technology MUS 407
¬Muffs, Ratts, and Wahs—Guitar Pedal Design MUS 399
¬African American Music and the Blues MUS402
¬Foundations in Digital Media and Sound Production MUS/NMC/TA/ART 399
¬Physical Computing MUS 399
¬Projection, Spectacle, and Performance MUS/NMC/TA/ART 407
¬Intro to Audio and Video for Real-Time Interaction MUS/NMC/TA/ART 399-01
¬Audio for Real-Time Interaction MUS/NMC/TA/ART 399-02
¬Video for Real-Time Interaction MUS/NMC/TA/ART 399-03

Rhode Island School of Design
¬Acoustic Ecology, FA-5532

Composing Interactive Multimedia
¬Founder and Director of international summer program in interactive technologies for multimedia theory, performance, and composition
¬Housed at the Mexican Center for Sonic Arts (CMMAS)

Brown University
¬Director of the MEME Electroacoustic Improvisation Ensemble
¬Teaching Assistant, Designing and Playing Alternate Controllers
¬Technical Assistant, Digital Performance Graduate Seminar
¬Teaching Assistant, Jazz History

Texas A&M University
¬Music and Technology, MUSC 316
¬Sound Recording, MUSC 317
¬Jazz History, MUSC 205
¬Private Lessons, MUSC 253, 485
¬Senior Advisor, MUSC 405